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Brodashaggi celebrates auntyshaggi's birthday

6 Views· 17 Feb 2021
Lamidi Mohammed
Lamidi Mohammed
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So much a love for this fine geh oloun, she is a beauriful, hardworking, supporting, kinding, loving, troubuling and many a more. HAPPY BUYDAY @auntyshaggi.

Taink you for no vexing whenever you dey do interviewing me because i know say i have were no be small and you sef, you go dey ask mumu question like say.....mtchewwww....no worry, HAPPY BUYDAY...make i no vex for your buyday oye e because oyinbo say " buyday is no a wakeeping tragedy but a joyous celebration comedy" TAINK YOU

Reporter: @auntyshaggi

#auntyshaggi #birthday #july25th #brodashaggi #oyinbosay #tainkyou #shaggination #oyahitme
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